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Organization & Process
     Teams aren't formed around ideas.
     Instead, teams discover them.

Entrepreneurs & Teams
     Selecting, training and supporting the
     differentiated roles of a new organization.

The Work Required
     A punch list for the new organization.

Typical Issues
     Frequently encountered challenges.

Oyster's Role
     How we help in the immediate, near-term
     and long-term time horizons of building
     the new enterprise.

A Glossary
     Oyster-centric definitions of terms used
     on this site.

Broadly defined, there are four key elements to organizational change leading to institutionalized new platform development. And there are two critical, but clearly different process types that operate within these organizational elements.

An Overview
Oyster provides organizations with practical growth paradigms. We guide organizations to identify and develop new product and service concepts and we design the new business models that support those concepts. To this end, we create underlying processes, coach leadership, manage staffing and provide the management tools necessary to ensure the investment value of this work.

The Key Organizational Elements
Broadly defined, there are three key elements to organizational change leading to institutionalized new platform development. Oyster coaches and directs in establishing the following:

Leadership: Effective leaders play an active role in new platform growth. They provide the operational principles that shape the development of platforms, defining business aspirations at the highest levels and describing overarching methods. The leader frames the challenge and is committed to business innovation. He determines what it takes to succeed and establishes the pre-conditions for success.
The New Organization: The structure, mission and resources of the new organization must be differentiated from the existing business units. A unique mix of skills, capabilities and experience must be mobilized to do this work. The unit must be independent and interdependent.
The Existing Business Units: Existing business unit managers must endorse the process of new platform development and buy into its pursuit. Better yet, the CEO should instill a shared purpose and commitment among executives. They must understand that the vitality and future of the business depends on work outside their purview and that they have a personal, vested interest in the new platforms this process will create.
Essential Processes
There are two critical, but clearly different process types that operate within the organizational elements defined above.

Foundational Processes: The ongoing, institutionalized process of adding new value through innovative platform development requires specific processes within leadership. It also is dependent on organizational design (and the maintenance of that design) and the process of capabilities-building in response to boundary domains.
Operating Processes: In the belly of the new organizational beast, new operating processes occur: domain and platform selection, idea management, business model innovation and portfolio management.
Oyster Internation's Role
Our process is to outline, schedule, guide and coach the elements of an organization that must collaborate to establish the organization and processes necessary to new platform growth. For a detailed outline of that process, click Oyster's Role.
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