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Who We Are
Oyster International is a group of management theorists, academics and senior practitioners who focus on growth through new value creation. We are thought leaders who work at the nexus of corporate leadership and the search for value outside existing domains and beyond current platforms.

What We Do
We guide organizations to identify and develop new product and service concepts and we design the new business models that support those concepts. To this end, we create "growth factories" in large corporate environments by designing the underlying processes which empower those factories, coach leadership, manage staffing and provide the management tools necessary to ensure the investment value of this work.

Why It Matters
New growth factories address the limits of internal growth. Because existing business units are designed to optimize existing markets, they present hurdles to any effort to exploit alternatives. Our methodology creates practical new paradigms to provide topline growth in new environments, deploying new products and services.

Spotlight Talk: The Work of Leadership Framing and Resolving Adaptive Challenges

Oyster partners and consultants have published
a number of books, research papers and articles. Some material is reproduced in its entirety on this site. Some is excerpted. Articles Secton.
The Oyster Tour
Along with the essays, research, service descriptions and biographies available here, there is also a quick overview in the form of a "tour." It's a slide show, of sorts, that outlines our perspective on a number of issues in a fairly brief form. To view the tour, click: Oyster Tour.
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